Keto Breakfast

5 Amazing Keto Breakfast Ideas

Depending on how you run your keto lifestyle, you may or may not eat breakfast. If you eat breakfast, the perfect way to start your day is with some healthy fats and low-carb keto breakfast ideas. I have a list of 5 delicious recipes for the breakfast lover that stick within the parameters of your […]

Keto Dinner

Cajun “Chicken” Alfredo Pasta

This Cajun “Chicken” Alfredo pasta is ready in less than 20 minutes (yes, really!), and is packed with flavor! Two pasta recipes in two weeks?! #sorrynotsorry. We’re obsessed with Kaizen pasta and didn’t intend to post this Cajun “Chicken” Alfredo Pasta as a full-fledged recipe here on CIK but one bite in and we knew […]

Keto Breakfast

Healthy Banana Muffins with Walnuts

The classic combination of sweet ripened banana and buttery walnuts shine in this healthy banana muffin recipe. These keto breakfast muffins are made with real food, healthy fats, and only 5 net carbs each. The sweetest way to start your day! What do these banana nut muffins taste like? These healthy banana muffins with walnuts […]